Hi, We’re the Johnsons

When Zoie was 9 years old, her dad, Shelby, brought home a couple of hives and curiosity struck. By watching with and learning from her dad, Zoie and her mom, Rizza, were able to obtain their Apprenticeship in Beekeeping through the University of Florida’s Master Beekeeper Program together. For a girl who couldn’t even drive yet… it was a pretty big deal.

Somewhere along the way, Bee Sanctuary Honey Farms was born. Shelby and Rizza wanted to ensure their daughter’s future, helping her to not get into college debt and give her the opportunity of experiencing entrepreneurship. At 18, Zoie took more control over Bee Sanctuary. She worked hard to build relationships with multiple local businesses while maintaining her grades, making it through COVID-19 and graduating college debt-free. 

With over 10 years of experience, there’s still so many more things to learn about beekeeping and the craft of a family business. Here’s to Bee Sanctuary. Made with love <3

More Than Just Honey.

Bee Sanctuary is more than just honey and bees… Whether you like to use honey in your coffee, are wanting to keep bees, or just want a little more knowledge in your brain, Bee Sanctuary is able to help. At Bee Sanctuary, we know that honey is the most impactful food known to man and goes past the sweet taste it gives you. We hope that with every experience you have with Bee Sanctuary is a sweet and leaves you buzzing for joy.

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