As a currently 20-year-old college student who has spent more than half of her life working bees or helping my parents with their two businesses, I struggle to find the lines between work and play, lazy and resting, and boss and parent.  While I am incredibly grateful and understanding of where my parents came from when creating this business for me, it’s human to wonder “What if…”.

What if my parents never pushed me to be unique and learn how to become an entrepreneur?

Well, I might not be in college majoring in general business with the goal of obtaining my MBA in entrepreneurship. I also might not have been able to pay for college and would currently be struggling with college debt while still in college. While it wasn’t fun being a bit ostracized in high school for having my own business, in the long run, I’m incredibly grateful for it and found a community that makes me feel included and doesn’t use me or my business to make fun of me in any way.

What if my parents never gave me great responsibilities at an early age?

If my parents had never given me the responsibilities I was given at the age they gave them to me, I probably would have turned out different. I probably wouldn’t be the mental age I am now, nor would I look at the world the same way I currently do. At the time, it was hard to accept that I wasn’t doing what other kids my age were doing, but as I’ve grown up I’ve realized that I wasn’t missing much of anything.

In high school, I would sometimes beekeep on the weekend and in doing so I found tranquility. I found my own sanctuary. The buzzing of bees and mindless work helped me to think. Think about whatever I was going through, playing my own devil’s advocate, and overall mentally maturing.


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